Acoustic Duct

UNILOK FR1 thermally and acoustically insulated fi re retardant ducting is a fl exible duct manufactured “tough” for consumer and installer peace of mind. UNILOK FR1 acoustic ducting is also manufactured “whisper quiet”. Unlike other types of fl exible duct, UNILOK FR1 has an outer steel rib that ensures the products integrity and correct diameter, even in the tightest bends. Due to its steel rib, it is not prone to glue failure or fatigue (sagging or ovalisation) from vibration with age like plastic ribbed or non-ribbed glued duct.

  • Fully complies to AS4254 & AS1530 Pt3 and New Zealand Building Code
  • Designed for low noise air transfer
  • DUCT CORE: A UV resilient fi re retardant 100µm black low density polyethylene perforated material mechanically locked into an outer metal helix with a copper coated spring steel wire.
  • DUCT SLEEVE: Fire retardant 75µm black low density UV-stabilised polyethylene
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Maximum: +80˚C, Minimum: -10˚C
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